Custom Jewelry

Let us help you create your piece

Let us help create the perfect piece or line of jewelry for your company. Our goal is to work to create something you and your customer can be happy with. Estimates are available based on information given and always after CAD. Our custom piece are made precise skill and beautiful finishes.

Custom Jewelry

The Manufacturing Process

You may begin at ANY step in the Manufacturing Process.
**We can also offer an estimate at your request.**


3D CAD Model

  • Starting at $240

We are equipped with the best design software and even better designers who can work through logistics, feasibility, durability, and affordability. All you have to do is come to our experts with a rough drawing or a description of the piece in mind, and they will work to create a visual prototype. We can even create life-like renderings to help you better visualize the piece.

3D Wax Print

  • Around $100 - $105 (Depends on size of the piece)

We have top of the line 3D printers that create extremely accurate prints of your piece. We focus on quality every step of the way



  • Gold: $15 Per Gram + Spot Value

  • Platinum: $21 Per Gram + Spot Value

  • Silver: $ 12 Per Gram (includes Metal)

We do high quality castings to make sure the product from the beginning is proper. We will not cut any corners when it comes to quality.


  • Gold and Silver: $13.50 Per Gram

  • Platinum: $21 Per Gram

Before we can set the diamonds we need to make sure the product properly assembled.


Diamond Selection

  • Please reference our loose diamond section

Prices are always extremely competitive. Based on your selection of shape and 4 C’s

Stone Setting

  • Pavé Setting: Starting at $6.00

  • Channel Setting: Starting at $7.50

  • Prong: Starting at $5.50

  • Bezel: Starting at $7.50

  • Invisible: Starting at $18.00

  • Center: Starting at $21.00

We focus on a well-set and high-quality product. We try to keep our setting prices very competitive so that you can get the best value for your customer.


Final Polish

  • Starting at $45 (includes rhodium if required)


Price may vary based on the size of the piece

Let’s talk about what ORCHID GEMS can do for your business.

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